The first official games competition was held in Chicago in 1955—for boys only. About 120 boys, representing four churches, participated. The next year, the girls insisted on a meet of their own. AwanaGames meets are now held around the world. This unique ministry to boys and girls—and their parents—has grown tremendously over the years, and potential for future growth is practically unlimited.

T&T AwanaGames offers many benefits. Clubs develop a stronger identity and closer bonds amongst members. Kids are also motivated to attend club and complete handbook sections to qualify for their team, learning God’s Word in the process. Area churches and leaders are also able to connect with each other in an atmosphere of fellowship. Leaders are able to interact one on one with clubbers’ parents. Most importantly, the gospel is presented at each T&T AwanaGames competition, allowing unsaved family members and friends in attendance a chance to hear and respond to God’s plan of salvation, some for the first time.

Below are the dates/locations currently scheduled in the Northeast Region.